On 04-05-2024: 42.70/120 அடி/Feet
Inflow: 50 கன அடி/Cusecs
Outflow: 500 கன அடி/Cusecs
Available Water: 13.523/93.47 T.M.C
Water Level: Increasing
கட்ட துவங்கிய நாள்: 20.071925
கட்டி முடித்த நாள்: 21.08.1934
கட்டி முடிக்க ஆன செலவு : ரூ.4.80 கோடி
கொள்ளளவு: 93.50 டி.எம்.சி
அதிகபட்ச உயரம்: 214 அடி
அதிகபட்ச அகலம்: 171 கீ.மீ 
சேமிப்பு உயரம்: 120 அடி
நீர்ப்பிடிப்பு பரப்பளவு: 59.25 சதுர மைல்
1 Cusecs=28.317 Liters Per Second
1 T.M.C=28,316,846,592 Liters
மரம் வளர்ப்போம்...!!! மழை பெறுவோம்...!!!
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Thursday 27 September 2018

Car Insurance | What is Car Insurance and Need


Car Insurance Tips 

in this car insurance tips are given,

I.  About Car Insurance

II. Car Insurance approach is partitioned into five sections. 

III. Tips to Reduce the Cost of Your Car Insurance

IV.  Top Reasons to Buy Life Insurance Policy Online

V. Tips to keep in mind before buying car insurance

VI. 10 tips to shrink your car insurance bill

Car Insurance is protection as we as a whole know is the protection shoppers purchase for their vehicle be it an auto, truck or some other car. Most of them think about how to get Cheap and Best Car Insurance but, the motivation behind accident protection is to shield the vehicle against mishaps, robbery and some other misfortune brought about. Collision protection can top, the guaranteed party, the safeguarded vehicle and the outsiders. Diverse approaches determine the circumstances under which every one of these things is secured. 

best car insurance companies
about car insurance

Like life coverage, accident protection too has turned into the need of great importance. A flood in uncertainty of the vehicles has brought about numerous massive and little organizations wandering in this place and attempting their good fortune. 

There are distinctive sorts of accident protections accessible. The approaches shift with the need and needs of the general population buying the strategy. For instance certain sorts of protection arrangements incorporate substantial damage obligation, property broken risk, restorative installments, and impact and perception inclusion for physical broken to the safeguarded vehicle. 

Extensivelya Car Insurance approach is partitioned into five sections. 

1. Declarations-this piece of approach contains individual data about the drivers in your home. This incorporates their name and address, make and model of the vehicle, vehicle ID number, strategy number, term and so on. This part likewise includes essential sort of inclusion that you obtained and your approach breaking points and deductibles. It is imperative to give revise data around there; generally the protection certification can be declined calm. 

2. Coverage Parts-in this choice as far as possible, for example, obligation, restorative, impact and far reaching are talked about. This segment essentially plots what your insurance agency assurances to give consequently to your installment, in light of the inclusion and inclusion limits picked. 

3. Exclusions-this segment briefs about what is left revealed by your policys restrictions. From here you will benefit to realize that what all will be secured when you make an affirmation and enables you to make corrections in the arrangement. 

4. Conditions-this area is about authenticity i.e. the lawful ties upon the back up plan and the protected. It incorporates premium installment commitments, ventures to recording a case, and direction to determine debate. 

5. Definitions-otherwise called great print, this portion is the place terms and the privileges of the policyholder and the insurance agency are characterized. 

In a few nations it is obligatory to buy accident coverage before driving upon open streets. Minimal prerequisite here is outsider protection to watch the outsiders against the misfortune, broken or crash by a vehicle. You might procure a protection cover against misfortune or harm to your very own vehicle. While some different nations make the protection of both the auto and the driver obligatory. 

Car Insurance Policies designs a customary level charge for each auto or every year regardless of the degree to which the auto is utilized. There is no sufficient measurable reason for the guarantors to contrast costs utilized with keep value characterizations.

Tips to Reduce the Cost of Your Car Insurance

We always keep looking for various ways to reduce the cost of the product we buy, so that the deal becomes cost effective without compromising on its benefits. And if the cost of the product is on a rise, then making the deal economical becomes our prime concern.  The same goes with a car insurance policy.

On the basis of cost inflation and claim statistic, the cost of car insurance is revised every year by IRDAI and last year, the premium rate of car insurance policies was increased by 40%. The increasing price of car insurance is causing problems in the financial planning of many people, but there are many ways through which you can reduce the cost of car insurance premium and make it fit into your budget easily.

That’s why we have outlined some of the important tips which will help you to reduce the premium of your best car insurance policy and tackle the increasing price of car insurance in the most effective way without compromising on its benefits.

1. Compare prices
Comparing car insurance policies allows you to choose the most cost effective and best car insurance in India and with the availability of online car insurance policies, comparing car insurance has become very easy.  You might find a great difference in the price of two policies which are offering almost the same benefit and that’s why comparison is necessary. You can compare car insurance policies through various IRDAI certified web aggregators or through the insurance company’s online web portal.

2. Install anti-theft devices and stay safe
Car insurance companies decide the amount of premium on the basis of risk associated with the car. Higher risk will result into higher premiums. That’s why the installation of anti-theft devices like anti-theft alarm, lock for the steering wheel, air bags, etc., reduces your car insurance premium by 5%. And if you are linked with Automobile Association of India (AAI) or the Western India Automobile Association (WIAA), you can get special discounts and benefits. The members  of these associations are considered as “safe drivers” because such associations are empowered by Motor Vehicle Act and Rule.

3. Avoid Small Claims
If you don’t make any claim for a particular period of time under your car insurance policy, then you are rewarded with No Claim Bonus (NCB) which allows you to lower down your premium till a limit. That’s why you should avoid making claims for small expenses which could snatch your NCB and opportunity to reduce your premium.  A small  saving in the form of claims for small expenses can keep away from the big benefits which you could receive in the form of reduced premium.

4. Go for a higher voluntary deductible
Deductible is the amount of money which you pay from your own pocket upon claim while the insurance company covers the rest. At the start of the policy, you can choose your voluntary deductible according to your need and situation. A higher voluntary deductible decreases your premium amount, but you should  choose your deductible according to your affordability otherwise instead of lowering down the premium, you will end up paying more on each claim you make.

5. Transfer your NCB
You should always transfer your NCB after buying a new car and selling the old one. By transferring NCB, you will be able to take advantage of your accumulated NCB on your new car also. You should always remember that a car insurance policy is linked with the policyholder not with the car. In order to transfer your NCB, you need  to inform your car insurance company about the transfer and they will give you a form which will help you in the transfer.

6. Purchase online
Online car insurance policies are much cheaper than offline policies. While buying through offline medium, a certain amount of commission is charged by the agent, which gets added to your premium amount while in online car insurance, there is no involvement of any middleman and that’s  why the insurance companies are able to provide you the insurance at low prices. Buying online gives you a wider range of options also, so that you can choose the best car insurance policy for yourself.

7. Declare correct IDV
Insurance Declared Value is the value of your car which is decided by the insurance company and it is calculated by considering the depreciation value over the original market price. It is the maximum value which you will receive upon claim in case of total loss or damage. You should always declare the correct IDV of the car because it will make you eligible for a reduced premium.

So instead of worrying about car insurance premium popping out of your budget, you should use the above mentioned tips and make the purchase of car insurance, an economical deal. But in the rush of reducing your car insurance premium, you should never compromise with its benefits.

Top Reasons to Buy Life Insurance Policy Online

The world is moving towards digitization and with the availability of the internet, everything is becoming quick and easy. From purchasing a car to filing an FIR, now everything can be done online. Talking about India, the penetration of the internet is more than 34.8% and there are more than 462,124,989 internet users, which are expected to grow by 50 million per year till 2020.

The fast growing digitization has been accepted by most of the sectors to widen their business and make things more easy and quick for the customer, and the same goes for life insurance plans. Those days are long gone when you have to be totally dependent on an agent or broker for buying an insurance policy. All the hassle of fixing meetings with agents, running to insurance offices, maintaining several policy documents has been wiped out by the internet. Now you can buy the best life insurance policy from the comfort of your home at just a click.

So through this blog, we will look at the top reason to buy life insurance online, so that you can purchase the best life insurance policy without any hassle.

Low Price
Online life insurance plans are much cheaper than the traditional method of purchase.  This is because when you buy a life insurance policy through an offline medium, then there is a certain amount of commission charged by the agent or broker from the insurance company which is added to your premium amount. But when you buy an online life insurance policy, then there is no involvement of any middleman and you buy directly from the company. Thus the cost spent in the form of commission in case of offline medium is not included when you buy online life insurance policy. That’s why online life insurance policies are much cheaper than offline medium.

Well informed decision
Understanding the terms and condition of your policy is very much necessary before making the purchase and online medium allows you to make a well informed decision. Each and every detail of the policy like exclusions, inclusions, key benefits, etc. is available online and that’s why you get detailed information while purchasing online life insurance policies. But while purchasing through an agent, you get to know only what your agents tell you or what you ask and this can keep you away from various benefits of your policy or can come out as a bad surprise in the future. Therefore online insurance policies allow you to make a well-informed decision.

Easy Comparison
There are more than 20 life insurance companies in India, which offer you various options of life insurance policies and choosing the best life insurance policy is your responsibility. Different policies come with different benefits and limitations, and that’s why every policy is not suitable for you. But with the help of comparison, you can make a pool of some of the best life insurance policies and choose the most suitable one for you. Life insurance policy comparison also allows you to make a cost effective decision because different policies have different prices.

There are various web insurance aggregators through which you can easily compare different life insurance policies or you can do it through the online web portal of insurance companies also. But while buying through an agent, you get to know only what your agents know or what he wants to tell you.

Less Paperwork
Managing several policy documents can become a hassle for you because the danger of loss, damage or theft is always there and loosing policy documents can cause problem in continuity or in claim of the life insurance policy which you have bought. But the paperwork involved in online life insurance policy is always less because all the policy documents are submitted and received in digital format. This benefit of online life insurance policies reduces your hassle of running for photocopies of your id and other documents also because you just have to submit the KYC documents in digital format while buying through online medium.

Reputation Check
With the help of the online medium, you can easily check the reputation and trustworthiness of various  life insurance companies in India, which is very much necessary for easy management of your policy and also for quick and easy claim settlement.  Customer’s review and blogs of insurance experts can give you a good idea about the reputation and trustworthiness of the company. A trustworthy company will be having the best quality of service along with quick and easy claim settlement process.

An online purchase of life insurance policy doesn’t only allow you to choose the best policy, but it also makes your purchase cost-effective, transparent and well informed. Being dependent on your agent for buying and managing your policy can keep you away from several benefits which online medium is offering you. So be a part of digitization and make things easy and quick for yourself.

Tips to keep in mind before buying car insurance

Buying a car not only costs a mammoth amount of money, but the entire experience also has an emotional value attached to it.

It is always better to be prepared for any eventuality and therefore choosing the right car insurance for one's four wheelers is one of the key decisions to make.

Head, Product Strategy, ACKO, Animesh Das lists out tips to keep in mind before buying car insurance:
car insurance tips
car insurance quote

1. Kind of insurance plan

There are two types of car insurance plans. One is a third party liability insurance plan and the other one is a comprehensive car insurance plan. The third party liability insurance covers only injuries caused to other people in an accident but does not cover the damage to one's own vehicle. 

A comprehensive car insurance policy, on the other hand, covers third party liability along with the personal accident or self-vehicle damage and theft. Therefore, it is better to buy a comprehensive insurance plan.

2. Mode of purchase

The best mode of purchasing a car insurance policy is buying it online. This allows one to get a better deal for a similar type of plan, as compared to buying it offline. 

When one purchases the policy offline, he/she needs to wait for the policy document to arrive at their doorstep via post. This is not the case when it is bought online, as one can download the policy within minutes.

Also, the chances of being conned by an agent are almost negligible.

3. Cashless facility

An insurance policy that offers cashless facility, will save one from making several rounds of follow-ups, e-mails, and visits to the insurance company for reimbursement. 

In a cashless insurance, one will have only have to visit the four-wheeler garage, which the insurance company has a tie-up with. The cashless facility comes in extremely handy during an emergency.

4. Customer support

After purchasing a car insurance, the thing one needs the most is decent customer service and support. Choose a brand that is known for their customer service and 24x7 customer support. 

Garner reviews online or from word of mouth. Also, read up on customer support policies and know their contact points at the time of claim.

5. No claim bonus

It is important to look for a company's No Claim Bonus (NCB) policy. NCB is the coverage that is given to those clients who do not make a claim for an entire year. The amount of generally between five to ten percent of the insured declared value, which is given as a bonus at the time of the renewal of the car insurance policy. Sometimes NCB is also carried forward. 

6. Easy claim procedure

Look for a company that has an easy claim settlement process. One can read out the claim policy and procedures and also speak to existing users to know about their experiences, before buying a car insurance from any provider. 

7. Add on facilities

It is always wise to look for some additional benefits. These include:

- Zero depreciation: where one can get the reimbursement for the four-wheeler parts replaced as per their actual value and not the depreciated value.

- NCB protect: where one can keep the discount on account of no claims even if they have already claimed it once in that year

- Hydrostatic cover: which covers losses due to mishaps like waterlogging.

- Also look for additional frills like all-time road assistance, towing amenities, which come in handy in case of an emergency.

A little bit of research helps one save a lot of money and get the coverage that is worth their cost.

10 tips to shrink your car insurance bill

Apart from zeroing down on the best car loan deal, it is equally important to choose an appropriate auto insurance policy. We all know that auto insurance is a mandatory legal requirement when you purchase your car. And there have been instances where you, as an insured, have been charged high premiums.
But there are several ways by which you can lower the premium rates offered to your by your insurers.

Earlier, the geographical zone, the engine capacity, the cost, and the age of the vehicle were the four parameters that were taken into consideration for deciding the premium amount that you needed to pay.

However, there have been various other requirements that have been taken into consideration so that the insured gets to pay lower premiums and avail maximum benefits in case of an accident.

1. Provide correct information: By providing your insurer the correct information, you can reduce your premiums by 10-30 per cent.
2. Model and make of your car: The decision regarding how much premium needs to be charged depends upon the make and model of your car. If your car's make/model is more prone to accidents, as in the books of the insurer, you are likely to be entitled to higher discounts than those make/models of cars which are less prone to accidents.
3. Gender and profession of the driver: The practice of dividing premium considerations on the basis of gender is commonly followed in the West, which is yet to catch up in India. However, some insurers consider female drivers better than male drivers, making the female drivers entitled to higher discounts than their counterparts. The driver's profession too affects the insurance premium. If an office goer uses a car, it is obvious he uses it to commute between his home and office, rather than a sales person, who will use to commute in various cities on a wider basis.
4. Locality where the vehicle will be driven: Apart from the locality, the place where the vehicle is piled or registered is taken into consideration these days. Insurance companies calculate the claims depending upon the location. In congested cities, where bumper to bumper traffic is observed, claims for scratches and dents are more, whereas location highways carry a huge claim amount because they are prone to major accidents.
5. No claim bonus: No claim bonus is a discount allowed as a percentage on the 'own damage premium' and the same is increased every year to the next slab if a claim for damage to the vehicle is not preferred and it is discounted if there was no claim preferred during the currency of the expiring policy. The discount may go up to 50% and it is up to the insured to decide if he wants to transfer the same on another vehicle. If the customer sells his old vehicle, he can also be kept in abeyance and utilize it on a car bought at a later date.
6. Voluntary deductibles: A voluntary deductible discount is offered and the discounts can go up to 35% of the premium for vehicle damage, an option that can be considered by a customer if he wants to opt out of small claims for minor damages and the insurance company will pay a claim only for the damages in excess of this limit of voluntary deductible. Your premium can be way reduced by this move.
7. Safety features: In order to attract 2-5% discount on your premiums, it is necessary to install anti-theft or other safety features from an approved make by your insurer. Therefore, you should provide full and exact details about your vehicle along with safety measures adopted by you in order to avail discounts.
8. Automobile association member: If you are a member of any designated automobile association, then you can avail discounts on own damage premium, which is applicable for private car and motorized two-wheeler policies. A discount of 5% is given on the own damage premium.
9. Concession on your vehicle: If your vehicle was lying in the garage or was not in use for a minimum period of two months then upon notifying your insurance company the customer can avail a concession during renewal of the policy either by way of extending the period after expiry or a credit to the renewal premium.
10. Online purchase: When you buy or renew a private car insurance online, some insurers offer a higher discount. The insurance company has a considerable saving on processing and distribution costs when the transaction is carried out online.
Since these parameters are constantly changing, it always advisable for car owners to get in touch with their insurance company for the latest benefits available.

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