On 14-11-2023: 58.15/120 அடி/Feet
Inflow: 8,424 கன அடி/Cusecs
Outflow: 252 கன அடி/Cusecs
Available Water: 23.327/93.47 T.M.C
Water Level: Increasing
கட்ட துவங்கிய நாள்: 20.071925
கட்டி முடித்த நாள்: 21.08.1934
கட்டி முடிக்க ஆன செலவு : ரூ.4.80 கோடி
கொள்ளளவு: 93.50 டி.எம்.சி
அதிகபட்ச உயரம்: 214 அடி
அதிகபட்ச அகலம்: 171 கீ.மீ 
சேமிப்பு உயரம்: 120 அடி
நீர்ப்பிடிப்பு பரப்பளவு: 59.25 சதுர மைல்
1 Cusecs=28.317 Liters Per Second
1 T.M.C=28,316,846,592 Liters
மரம் வளர்ப்போம்...!!! மழை பெறுவோம்...!!!

Monday 14 November 2016

Mettur Dam | Mettur Dam Images | Mettur


Mettur Dam - Salem District

         The Mettur Dam is one of the largest dams in India built in 1934. Mettur Dam is located in Salem District. Mettur Dam also known it as Stanley Reservoir. Mettur Dam also one of the Major Tourist Place in Tamilnadu - special in Salem district. It was constructed in a gorge, where the Kaveri River enters the plains. It provides irrigation facilities to parts of Salem, the length of Erode, Namakkal, Karur, Tiruchirappalli and Thanjavur district for 271,000 acres (110,000 ha) of farm land.

mettur dam
Mettur Dam Side View

mettur dam images
Legend of  Mettur Dam

mettur dam
Mettur Dam - Mettur Anai

Mettur Dam

Mettur Dam Front View

           The total length of the Mettur dam is 1,700 m (5,600 ft.). The mettur dam constructed by Mr.Stanley. Mettur is popularly known as Electrical city. The Mettur Hydro Electrical power project is also quite large. The famous touristers visiting places in mettur -  mettur dam, mettur park, hogenakal, mettur 16 bridge, cauvery river, pannavadi parisal thurai,MM Hills and major Hydro Electric power stations and hills on all sides make Mettur a tourist attraction. Upstream from the dam is Hogenakal water Falls. The maximum level of the dam is 120 ft. (37 m) and the maximum capacity is 93.47 tmc ft.

           Most of the Touristor’s likes to Eat Fish in Mettur - Because in mettur Very Very Famous for varieties of Fish dishes.

mettur park


This is official details about Mettur Dam construction and Height with Length.

             Stanley Reservoir (otherwise called Mettur dam) is one of biggest water resourse in South India. Its primary wellspring of water is the River Kaveri (Cauvery). Three minor tributaries – Palar, Chennar and Thoppar – enter the Kaveri on her course above Stanley Reservoir. The water is held by the Mettur Dam, Tamilnadu. The formation of the store brought on the submersion of two towns.
Mettur Pincode is - 636401.
Mettur std Code is - 04298
Mettur located in - Salem District.
Near Railway Station - Mettur R.S , Salem & Erode.
Near Air Station is - Omalur , Trichy & Coimbatore.

Some Beautiful - Mettur Dam Images

mettur diary


mettur dam

mettur dam water level today

mettur dam images
In side Mettur Park

mettur thermal power station
Mettur Dam side view

mettur dam water level today
Mettur Dam Front Side

mettur hydro power plant

mettur dam 16 bridge


mettur park

mettur park images

mettur pincode

tourist places in mettur
Mettur Dam 16 Bridge

mettur dam

mettur dam videos

mettur diary

Transportation Facilities in Mettur:

Mettur being near the transportation center points of Erode & Salem is very much associated with both these urban areas and in addition to Dharmapuri. Transport administrations work from Erode , Salem and Dharmaburi and no more incessant time, with transport benefits once in like clockwork.

There is alternate way for Coimbatore from Dharmapuri by means of Thoppur, Mettur, Bhavani (can set aside to 20 km go) without achieving Salem by NH47 because of the high volume of movement amongst Coimbatore and Salem, particularly amongst Coimbatore and Avinashi on NH47. There is course to Mysuru-Karnataka through Madeswaran Malai (Madeswaran Malai) and Kollegal from Mettur.

It has a Railway Station (in the upper piece of Mettur Dam(Mettur R.S)) from where it is associated with Salem. There is a day by day express prepare to Chennai from Mettur Dam and in the arrival bearing as well.

Closest air terminal is Salem Airport . Closest Major Airports are situated at Coimbatore, Trichy , Madurai and Bangalore.

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