On 04-05-2024: 42.70/120 அடி/Feet
Inflow: 50 கன அடி/Cusecs
Outflow: 500 கன அடி/Cusecs
Available Water: 13.523/93.47 T.M.C
Water Level: Increasing
கட்ட துவங்கிய நாள்: 20.071925
கட்டி முடித்த நாள்: 21.08.1934
கட்டி முடிக்க ஆன செலவு : ரூ.4.80 கோடி
கொள்ளளவு: 93.50 டி.எம்.சி
அதிகபட்ச உயரம்: 214 அடி
அதிகபட்ச அகலம்: 171 கீ.மீ 
சேமிப்பு உயரம்: 120 அடி
நீர்ப்பிடிப்பு பரப்பளவு: 59.25 சதுர மைல்
1 Cusecs=28.317 Liters Per Second
1 T.M.C=28,316,846,592 Liters
மரம் வளர்ப்போம்...!!! மழை பெறுவோம்...!!!
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Tuesday 3 July 2018

MAJOR RESERVOIRS IN TAMIL NADU | தமிழ்நாட்டின் மிக முக்கியமான நீர்த்தேக்கங்கள்

 தமிழ்நாட்டின் மிக முக்கியமான  நீர்த்தேக்கங்கள்
Hi viewers in this post we focus only Major Water Reservoirs Dams in Tamilnadu State. Collecte the informations from various sources like., news, blogs, tamilnadu official websites and more.. it may little mistakes.. 
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Mettur Dam:

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Mettur Dam

The Mettur Dam has been constructed in a gorge, where the River Kaveri enters the plains. The dam is one of the oldest in India., It provides irrigation facilities to Salem, Tiruchirappali and Thanjavur district for 2,71,000 acres of farm land. There is a lovely park close to the dam. Big industrial units are also located here. Another dam around Salem is the Kodiveri Dam, which is near Gobichettipalayam, a beautiful picnic spot and a good place for film shootings.

Bhavani Sagar Dam:

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Bhavani Sagar Dam

The Bhavani Sagar Dam is located some 80 kilometers away from Coimbatore city, Tamil Nadu. The Bhavani Sagar Dam was built after India getting its independence. Moreover, the dam is considered to be the one among the biggest earthen dams in the country. Bhavani Sagar dam is constructed on Bhavani River, which is merely under the union of Moyar River. Children's can greatly enjoy while the time of their visit, as there is a park specially made to engage the children. The park is cleanly kept under perfect maintenance and it gives a great comfort to kids. The dam is situated some 16 kilometer west to Satyamangalam and 36 kilometer north-east to Mettuppalayam.

Amaravathi dam:

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Amaravathi Dam
The Amaravathi dam is situated some 25 kilometers away from Udumalpet, Coimbatore district. The Amaravathi dam is an average form of reservoir, which has been constructed across the river Cauvery. The dam is erected to a height of 90 feet. The Amaravathi dam is unique because of its outstanding crocodile farm of look. Quite number of tourists makes their visit to Amaravathi dam, to see its attractive structure and this dam has been one among the familiar tourists spot. People traveling to udumalpet can make a visit to the dam as they are really breath-taking. The Amaravathi dam supplies a good amount of water for the purpose of irrigation.


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Krishnagiri Dam
Krishnagiri dam is situated at a distance of 7 Kms from Krishnagiri. It is in between Dharmapuri and Krishnagiri. Thousands of acres of land around Krishnagiri is irrigated with the help of this dam. This is a famous tourist spot too. This dam is flooded with tourists during the week ends.

Sathanur Dam:

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Sathanur Dam
Sathanur Dam is constructed across the Thenpennai River in Chengam Taluk among Chennakesava Hills. It has a capacity of 7321 million cubic feet (Full level 119 feet). An area of 7183 hec. of Land is benefited by the left bank canal and 905 hec. of land is benefited by the right bank canal in Thandrampet and Thiruvannamalai Blocks. 

Periyar Dam

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Periyar Dam

Mullaperyiar dam was built by British in 1895. It stands on Peryiar river whose flow orginates from Thekkady.The dam was built mainly for watering the paddy fields of Tamil Nadu perenially drought - prone. Even though the dam is now in Kerala, most of the water in the reservoir is still released to Tamil Nadu and is cause for considerable political tensions between the two states.The dam is 175 feet tall in hight and is 5704 feet long.

Vaigai dam: 

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Vaigai Dam
Built across the majestic River Vaigai near Andipatti, the dam with a height of 111 feet can store 71 feet of water. It is 7 kms from Andipatti, 14 kms from Theni and 70 kms from Madurai. This dam was opened on January 21, 1959.

The dam is unique for the sylvan garden around it. The stillness and quiet are soothing to the mind. The garden deserves the surname "Little Brindavan". It is a popular picnic spot for the local population, particularly school children. There is a separate play area for the Tourist.

Manimuthar Dam

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Manimuthar Dam
Manimuthar Dam 47 Km from Tirunelveli. Gorgeous garden of Dam, pleasure boating. Water falls is 5 Km from dam through Zig Zag Ghat road. Manjolai Tea Estate having salubrious climate can he visited is 10 km from dam. Rest house is available in the dam.

Papanasam dam:

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Papanasam Dam

Papanasam 42 km from Tirunelveli This holy place is on the western ghats of’ Pothigai Hill. It is close to the Papanasam Falls, on the banks of the Thamiraparani River where Siva and Parvathi appeared before the great saint Agasthiya. Hence the falls is popularly called the “Agasthiya Falls”. To commemorate the visit of’ the divine couple, the Agasthiya temple was built there. Papanasam Dam is located 49 km away from Tirunelveli. This is a beautiful picnic spot.

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