Mettur Dam Water Level On 23/10/2017 = 92.19ft/120ft. Inflow Water = 3,148கன அடி/Cusecs. Outflow Water = 15,000கன அடி/Cusecs . Available Amount of Water = 55.18/93.470 TMC. Water Level : Decreasing. The helpline number 104 for the public to get dengue-related info have been announced by TN government officialy, Call to 104 anytime to clear your doubts about Dengue Fever. "'Conserve water, conserve life.' 'உலகில் கோடிக் கணக்கான மக்கள் பாதுகாப்பான குடிநீர் இன்றி தவிக்கும் வேளையில் நீரை எவ்வாறு எல்லாம் சேமிப்பது என்பதை நாம் தெரிந்து கொள்வது நல்லது.'" Updating this Result from various News channels, Medias & get from PWD officials - This Result may not 100% exact, result may slightly vary.

Mettur Dam History in Tamil | Mettur Dam History

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mettur dam history
Old Images of Mettur Dam

History of Mettur Dam

        At the point when the Mettur Dam was arranged English individuals gave some cash and cleared the general population who lived in Nayambadi town which was in the place of present Mettur dam.

           At the point when the water level of the dam retreats even now we can see age old Hindu sanctuaries and church rise up out of it as a proof. Those individuals who relocated from Nayambadi have settled down in Martalli town and close by towns which are a piece of Kollegal locale Karnataka state, then those towns were a piece of Erode area, Tamil Nadu.

             Those were the days Kaveri question were at its pinnacle, at whatever point debate broke out these villagers were the casualties. Individuals kept running here and there to spare their lives. Men attempted to watch town with weapon, keeping their ladies and kids secured house.

mettur dam water level today
Mettur Dam 16 Bridge

mettur dam water level today
Mettur Dam Popular Picture

mettur dam
Water Flow From Mettur Dam 8 Gate

mettur diary
Mettur Dam Top View

mettur diary

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