Mettur Dam Water Level On 23/10/2017 = 92.19ft/120ft. Inflow Water = 3,148கன அடி/Cusecs. Outflow Water = 15,000கன அடி/Cusecs . Available Amount of Water = 55.18/93.470 TMC. Water Level : Decreasing. The helpline number 104 for the public to get dengue-related info have been announced by TN government officialy, Call to 104 anytime to clear your doubts about Dengue Fever. "'Conserve water, conserve life.' 'உலகில் கோடிக் கணக்கான மக்கள் பாதுகாப்பான குடிநீர் இன்றி தவிக்கும் வேளையில் நீரை எவ்வாறு எல்லாம் சேமிப்பது என்பதை நாம் தெரிந்து கொள்வது நல்லது.'" Updating this Result from various News channels, Medias & get from PWD officials - This Result may not 100% exact, result may slightly vary.

Toursim in Mettur Dam| Mettur Park

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                          Best Tourist Places in Mettur

           The biggest dam, Mettur Dam was developed in the year 1934. The dam was worked crosswise over River Cauvery at the gorge where the stream enters the fields. Visitors can unwind and have charming time in the recreation center which is very much kept up adjacent Mettur Dam.

Additionally one could see the Hydroelectric Project connected up with Mettur Dam. About 271000 sections of land of horticulture grounds are inundated by Mettur Dam office. The dam extends up to 5600 feet. Water store which is has bumpy range encompassing it, is the real vacation destination in Salem District.

Mettur Park Oening Timings:

 Mettur Park Operates Every day for Visitors:

Monday:      10am to 6pm.
Tuesday:      10am to 6pm.
Wednesday: 10am to 6pm.
Thursday:    10am to 6pm.
Friday:         10am to 6pm.
Saturday:     10am to 6pm.
Sunday:       10am to 6pm.


Parking facilities available for two wheelers, cars & buses.

Popular Tourist Places in Mettur
  1. Mettur Park
  2. Mettur Dam 16 Bridge
  3. Mettur dam views
  4. Cauvery River Water Flow
  5. Take bath from cauvery river
  6. Pannavadi Parisal Thurai(Storage water views).,etc

Near Tourist Places from Mettur

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Mettur Dam Exact Front View

mettur dam

mettur dam water level today
Mettur Dam 16 Bridge Outer View

mettur diary
Mettur Dam 16 Bridge Inner View

mettur dam images
Water Flows from Mettur Dam 16 Bridge

mettur thermal power station

mettur hydro power plant

mettur diary
Mettur Park

toursim in mettur dam

mettur pincode

mettur travels

mettur park images

mettur park

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