Mettur Dam Water Level Live Status கொரோனா பரவலை தடுக்கும் பொருட்டு - மேட்டூர் பூங்கா மூடப்பட்டுள்ளது ...!!!

Mettur Dam Water Level Live Status

On 05-07-2020: 85.95/120 அடி/Feet

Inflow: 625 கன அடி/Cusecs

Outflow: 15,000 கன அடி/Cusecs

Available Water: 48.14/93.47 T.M.C

Water Level: Decreasing

Mettur Dam Water Level History - click here

Bhavanisagar Dam Water Level - click here


மேட்டூர் அணையின் முக்கிய விவரம்

கட்ட துவங்கிய நாள்: 20.07.1925
கட்டி முடித்த நாள்: 21.08.1934
கட்டி முடிக்க ஆன செலவு : ரூ.4.80 கோடி
நீளம்: 5,300 அடி
கொள்ளளவு: 93.50 டி.எம்.சி
அதிகபட்ச உயரம்: 214 அடி
அதிகபட்ச அகலம்: 171 அடி
சேமிப்பு உயரம்: 120 அடி
நீர்ப்பிடிப்பு பரப்பளவு: 59.25 சதுர மைல்

தமிழ் நாடு வேளாண்மைப் பல்கலைக்கழக வேளாண் இணைய தளம்

பிரதமர் பசல் பீமா திட்டம் - புதிய பயிர் காப்பீட்டுத் திட்டம் ( PMFBY)

1 Cusecs=28.317 Liters Per Second 1 T.M.C=28,316,846,592 Liters மரம் வளர்ப்போம்...!!! மழை பெறுவோம்...!!! மரம் வெட்டுபவன் மனிதன்..! மரம் வளர்ப்பவன் "மா மனிதன்"..!!!

Mettur Dam Water Level Today

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Mettur is an industrial and tourist place located in Salem district in the state of Tamil Nadu, India. 

  • Mettur or Mettur Dam pincode is 636401.
  • Mettur or Mettur Dam std code is 04298

About Mettur

      Mettur is known for Mettur Dam, power, chemicals and aluminum. The most extreme rate of water prerequisites for water system in Tamil Nadu relies on upon the Mettur Dam. Normally the dam opens every year in June consistently for water system in the Kaveri Delta from Mettur Dam. The Mettur Thermal Power Station goes about as a Base load control plant for the Tamil Nadu Electricity Board.

Mettur dam also called Stanley Reservoir

  • Which additionally called Stanley Reservoir, is developed over the Kaveri River in Tamil Nadu. It was built in 1934 took 9 years to finish.
  • Most extreme stature and width of the Mettur Dam are 214 and 171 feet separately. Most extreme stockpiling stature is 120 feet. Mettur Dam gets the water from both Kabini Dam and Krishna Raja SagaraDam situated in Karnataka.

  • There are 2 hydro electric power stations in Mettur Dam. To start with Mettur Hydro Power station was developed in British Ruling period and Second was on Indian Republic.

  • There is a recreation center under Mettur Dam called Ellis Park kept up by Tamil Nadu Public Works Department.

Electricity produces in Mettur

  • Mettur is one of the wellsprings of Electricity for Tamil Nadu. It has Mettur Thermal Power Plant and Mettur Hydro Electric Power Stations.

  • Mettur Thermal Power Station goes about as one of the Base load control plant for Tamil Nadu Electricity Board TNEB.

  • There are Two Hydro Electric Power Stations at Mettur called Mettur Dam and Mettur Tunnel Power House separately.
  • Mettur is likewise having a few Barriage Power houses situated in the bank of Kaveri River in particular Chekkanur, Nerinjipettai, Koneripatti, UratchiKottai and Bhavani Kattalai Barriage.

Mettur-Aluminum city of Tamil Nadu

Mettur is likewise called "Aluminum city of Tamil Nadu". Its aluminum plant, worked by Madras Aluminum Company (MALCO) has its own bauxite mines at Yercaud (Salem area) and Kolli Hills (Namakkal locale).

Transport Facilities in Mettur

Mettur being near the transportation centers of Erode and Salem is all around associated with both these urban areas and additionally to Dharmapuri. Transport administrations work from Erode and Salem and no more recurrence, with transport benefits once in like clockwork. There is easy route for Coimbatore from Dharmapuri by means of Thoppur, Mettur, Bhavani (can set aside to 20 km go) without achieving Salem by NH47 because of the high volume of activity amongst Coimbatore and Salem, particularly amongst Coimbatore and Avinashi on NH47.

  • There is course to Mysuru-Karnataka through Madeswaran Malai(madeswaran Betta) and Kollegal from Mettur.

  • It has a Railway Station (in the upper piece of Mettur Dam) from where it is associated with salem. Its called Mettur R.S (Mettur Railway Station)

  • There is an everyday express prepare to chennai from Mettur Dam and in the arrival course as well.

  • Closest air terminal is Salem Airport which has day by day flights to Chennai.

About Mettur Dam      

The Mettur Dam is one of the biggest dams in India. Mettur Dam was built in 1934. Mettur Dam was developed in a gorge, where the Kaveri River enters the field s. It gives water system offices to parts of Salem, the length of Erode, Namakkal, Karur, Tiruchirappali and Thanjavur region for 271,000 sections of land (110,000 ha) of ranch land.

The aggregate length of the dam is 1,700 m (5,600 ft). The Mettur dam makes Stanley Reservoir. The Mettur Hydro Electrical power venture is likewise very vast. The Mettur dam, the recreation center, the major Mettur Hydro Electric power stations and slopes on all sides make Mettur a vacation spot. Upstream from the Mettur dam is Hogenakal Falls. The most extreme level of the Mettur dam is 120 ft (37 m) and the greatest limit is 93.47 tmc ft.

History of Mettur Dam

At the point when the Mettur dam was arranged English individuals gave some cash and cleared the general population who lived in Nayambadi town which was in the place of present Mettur dam. 

This blog updates Mettur Dam Water Level Current Status and Today Mettur Dam Water Level 2018 with Mettur Dam Water Level History details regularly.

At the point when the water level of the Mettur dam retreats even now we can see age old Hindu sanctuaries and church rise up out of it as a proof.

Those individuals who relocated from Nayambadi have settled down in Martalli town and close by towns which are a piece of Kollegal locale Karnataka state, then those towns were a piece of Erode area, Tamil Nadu. 

Were the days Kaveri question were at its pinnacle, at whatever point debate broke out these villagers were the casualties. Individuals kept running here and there to spare their lives. Men attempted to watch town with weapon, keeping their ladies and kids secured house.

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